Free 6 color Gmail Icon

Do you like red for the gmail icon image?
How about blue or green? (or more..)
If you want to see other colors for gmail, today’s icons are yours.
-Actually, I prepared 6 color(blue, brown, cyan, gray, green, purple)

(If you satisfy red gmail icon, please check my another article )

I hope you like this 6color gmail icon, (if you do) you can use this gmail icon as you want.
(Please just remember one – All of artworks of are undel GPLv3 )

[Example 6 color Gmail icon images of different size]


Download file includes:
(Windows icon, Mac icon, 16×16(gif/png), 24×24(gif/png), 32×32(gif/png), 48×48(png), 256×256(png)) x 6color (Blue, Brown, Cyan, Gray, Green, Purple)

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