Free 2600 speech balloon Icon images with alphabet initial

WOW, it’s a big challenge!!  (I’m happy because i could finish it in 2008 ^_^ )

26 alphabet initial
10 color (black, blue, cyan,  green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow)
x 10 format images (Windows icon, Mac icon, 16×16(gif/png), 24×24(gif/png), 32×32(gif/png), 48×48(png), 256×256(png))
= 2,600 files!!

I hope you like this speech balloon icons and images , (if you do) you can use these as you want.
(Please just remember one – All of artworks of are undel GPLv3 )

[Example 10 color speech balloon images (just A-H for each) and downloand file links]












[Download All Color Speech Icon Set]

3 thoughts on “Free 2600 speech balloon Icon images with alphabet initial

  1. Reply
    Duane Roelands - September 1, 2009

    These are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with the community. I’ve been looking for an icon for my Twitter client project and this is precisely what I was hoping to find!

  2. Reply
    /roubi - April 15, 2010

    Very useful, tnks…

  3. Reply
    Frank - July 8, 2012

    I love the orange balloon lettering icons. Is there any chance you could include number 0 – 9 in the pack?

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