Free 2600 speech balloon Icon images with alphabet initial

WOW, it’s a big challenge!!  (I’m happy because i could finish it in 2008 ^_^ )

26 alphabet initial
10 color (black, blue, cyan,  green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow)
x 10 format images (Windows icon, Mac icon, 16×16(gif/png), 24×24(gif/png), 32×32(gif/png), 48×48(png), 256×256(png))
= 2,600 files!!

I hope you like this speech balloon icons and images , (if you do) you can use these as you want.
(Please just remember one – All of artworks of are undel GPLv3 )

[Example 10 color speech balloon images (just A-H for each) and downloand file links]



Download speech balloon black


Download speech balloon blue


Download speech balloon cyan


Download speech balloon green


Download speech balloon orange


Download speech balloon pink


Download speech balloon purple


Download speech balloon red


Download speech balloon white


Download speech balloon yellow

3 thoughts on “Free 2600 speech balloon Icon images with alphabet initial

  1. Duane Roelands - September 1, 2009

    These are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with the community. I’ve been looking for an icon for my Twitter client project and this is precisely what I was hoping to find!

  2. /roubi - April 15, 2010

    Very useful, tnks…

  3. Frank - July 8, 2012

    I love the orange balloon lettering icons. Is there any chance you could include number 0 – 9 in the pack?

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